How to Move And Copy Layer Masks

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If you wish to move a layer mask from one layer to another (in other words, remove it from the original layer and add it to another existing one), then simply click on the layer mask and drag it to the layer that you want it to be on. 

(A layer mask is shown next to the layer itself in the layers window.)


If, instead, you want to keep the layer mask applied to the layer that it is currently on but also apply the same one to another layer, then you will need to duplicate the mask and apply it to the second layer. 

To do this, press and hold Alt [Win] / Option [Mac], and then click on the layer mask, before dragging it to the relevant layer.


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For more information on the basics of working with layer masks, feel free to check out this video by First Shot School about copying a layer mask in Photoshop.

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