How To Make A Watermark In Photoshop

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Watermarks can be extremely useful for designers, photographers, and all types of visual artists alike. Whether you use your logo or just simply your company name, creating a watermark is great when it comes to advertising your business name, protecting images from theft, or marketing your brand. 

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a brush of your watermark, so that you can then apply it to your images within seconds. If you would like to practice this technique but you don’t yet have images of your own, then take a look at our list of the top free stock image resources, and choose a photo from one of the sites. 

Of course, we’ll need to begin by opening Photoshop. If you don’t already have this program installed, you can do so by purchasing it here.

1 – Create a New Document by Heading to File > New

With Photoshop open, you’ll then need to select File > New from the top of your screen.

This will allow you to choose the settings of your new document, allowing you to set the image dimensions, resolution, and color. In this case, it’s best to stick with a white background (this should be selected by default), but you may want to change the image dimensions and resolution. 

It’s a good idea to choose a high resolution (at least 300 or higher) to ensure that your watermark won’t appear to be of a low quality when you add it into full-sized images.  Remember that it’s almost always better to shrink down a larger image than it is to enlarge a smaller one of a lower quality.

Type the Watermark Using a Font of your Choice, or Copy your Logo into the Document

If, at this point, you wish to type out your watermark, rather than using your logo, then select the Type Tool from the toolbar down the left side of the screen.

Choosing this tool should bring up a bar near the top of the screen, in which you can select a font of your choice, a text size, and a color. For this process, we will need to be working in grayscale, so use a black color, or a variety of shades of gray for more depth.

Instead, you could use your logo as a watermark. In this case, head to File > Open, and choose your logo from your files. Once it is open in Photoshop, select Image > Adjustments > Black & White.

Then, simply right click on the layer containing your logo, and choose Duplicate Layer. In the window that appears, change the Destination to the file we were working in before to create the watermark.

When you open the original document again, you’ll be able to see that the grayscale logo is now present. You can resize it by hitting CTRL + T [Win] / CMD + T [Mac], then dragging the corners and holding the SHIFT key to keep the logo in proportion.

3 – Use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to Make a Selection Around the Watermark

The Rectangular Marquee Tool can be selected from the toolbar down the left side of your screen, and is represented by the icon shown below:

With the tool selected, simply click and drag to create a box-shaped selection around your watermark, making sure that the selection contains all areas of it.

4 – Choose Edit > Define Brush Preset and Name the New Brush

We can now make a brush out of the pixels that we have selected. When making a brush, the black or grayscale pixels will be visible in the brush, whilst the white ones (our background) will be made transparent. 

Head along the top bar to Edit > Define Brush Preset.

This will open up a window, in which we’ll name the new brush something like ‘Watermark’. Click OK to confirm.

You should have now created a brush that you can use to easily apply your watermark within seconds! So how do we use it?

5 – Select the Brush Tool and Choose your New Brush from the Bottom of the Brush Catalog

To apply the watermark to an image that you’ve opened in Photoshop, select the Brush Tool from the toolbar down the side of the screen.

Doing this should create an options bar near the top of the screen, where we’ll click on the brush icon shown below to select a specific brush.

Go ahead and scroll to the bottom of the brush catalog to find and select your newly created watermark brush.

6 – Set the Size, Color and Opacity of the Brush and Click Anywhere on the Image to Add your Watermark

Use the options bar near the top of the screen to edit the size and opacity of your brush. A smaller size is probably more suitable in most cases, as you don’t want the watermark to distract too much from the image that you are adding it to.

You can also change the brush size quickly by using the square brackets ([ and ]) on your keyboard. 

Then just click on the relevant part of your image to add the watermark, and you’re done!

With a brush made from your logo or brand name, you should now always be able to apply a watermark to your work within seconds. This can be invaluable for designers or photographers, allowing you to spend less time adding watermarks to protect your work and more time creating amazing visual content!


Want to find out more about how you can add a watermark to your images in Photoshop? Then check out this video by Shutter Muse, which details three ways in which you can do so.

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